Friday, 14 September 2012

Educational Benefits in International Schools in Bangalore

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows through which one can see the inner and outer world. In the modern scenario everything is globalised including education. But fortunately in the case of education, globalization facilitated in an exceptionally positive way particularly in the third world countries like India. Indian Government even passed the bill in our parliament enforcing the right of a child to have compulsory education between the ages of 6 to 14. But the question arises here is whether we are providing our children quality education along with healthy learning ambiance. For ensuring this there has to be a standardized curriculum and appropriate infrastructure and supplementary amenities. Here comes the role of International Schools where the overall development of a child is taken under consideration. 

The benefits of education in international schools are evident from the curriculum which they pursue. Curriculums for such schools are designed by professionals and are associated to internationally standardized syllabus. Only some Best international schools in our country like Oakridge International School, which is the largest in Andhra Pradesh, pioneers who are affiliated to IB (International Baccalaureate), curriculum which designed on international standards and facilitate the student to study abroad with no constraints. Other than IB, this school offer CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and also CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabuses for enhanced quality of education.
We live in a period where competition is leading the world and to be on the right track it is essential to be equipped with skills in all spheres. Extracurricular activities of a child are taken care in such schools where they make available professional mentors to assist a child to develop physical, cultural and mental abilities. At present we have many International Schools in our country which offer personal development besides advanced education. If we look up on the current trend the demand for International schools in India in increasing each academic year, especially in South India. The number of International Schools in Bangalore is much higher, may be the boom of IT industries in the city could be a reason for the push for International standard education. Other major cities in the country are also following the path of such schools which cater to every phases of education.  

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  1. International High School should provide the opportunities for students to learn the extra curriculum activities such as arts,sports and music etc.
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